Decorating a Small Living Room

Does it pinch you when you realise you have a small living room? Do you think it might not look good if you decorate such a small space?

Well, no matter how tiny the living room, today we’re going to tell you all about the six most innovative-cum-stylish ways to beautify the most lived-in spot in your home sweet home!

White-on-White Interiors!

Don’t want to paint your white walls? That’s great too! You can consider having a white interior – complete with white sofas, tables, as well as a white bean bag to rest on. It may sound like too much; but believe us, the place with exude elegance like nowhere else! It will give your room a brighter look and it will look a lot larger than it actually is. You could even get some paintings for the walls, not too dark or bright in colour, which will only add to the beauty.

DIY Walls; DIY Memories!

To add to the beauty of those unnoticed walls are the fascinating art works which need no expertise but just a touch of innocence and authenticity. No costly painted designs or expensive art works can beat the artwork performed with love. So here we invite you, your family, and especially the kids to paint your walls, make them come alive with your own brand of creativity; draw, write, paint – express yourselves! Because you won’t just be getting beautiful walls, you’d be making lifelong memories in one of the most lived-in places in your house.

More than Just Hanging a Painting!

Talking of painting, it’s always a good thing to have one, or even more, hanging in the living room. But, you know what else you can try? Some uniquely colored hand-woven tapestries, or baskets, or hats, or even one of those strikingly beautiful hooks. You could easily use them to hang something fancy, or even anything as mundane as your car keys, and they would still look, like we said, striking! When it comes to wall-decorative art, we only have two words to say – possibilities abound!

Adding a Touch of the Living!

Nothing can be more beautifying than a living object in your living room. These can be small and cute little plants like the daffodils or tulips or other colourful flowers spread in a glass bowl of water and well, the list is endless…

You may also give a thought to having a small pot aquarium having some gold or silver fishes that are small in size and can fit in anywhere giving your room a blooming atmosphere.

The Mirror Effect!

Although it might seem to be a little old fashioned but these can be the best used objects in your living room which can make them look bigger and wider, and you can of course see yourself in them whenever you like. An additional benefit!

But we do not necessarily mean the four-by-six sized mirrors. Your living room mirrors could be small cut-out ones, or one of those stylish mirrors that has other mirror images stuck upon it. Or, you could again go for a decorative artwork in the room – on the ceiling, or walls – only this time adding cute and tiny mirrors to accentuate the art, and therefore the room.

Decorative Flooring!

It is always lovely to walk on a decorated floor than to have a plain and boring granite or marble floor. Your living room can have an expensive wooden flooring or a simple laminated flooring, with different designs and colours for you to choose from, depending on your taste and of course, budget. These floorings are not just a visual treat, but they prove extremely effective during chilly winters. If you haven’t experienced sitting on a wooden floor of your living room, snug in a cashmere sweater, sipping from a cup of hot chocolate, with your loved one by your side – you’ve been missing out on something extraordinary!

Using some or all of these ways will make you love your living room more than ever. And we hope that you’ll think of us when you’re spending some of the most joyful times in your beautifully decorated living room with your family!

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