5 Unique and Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Your Love

Everyone loves ‘Love’, don’t they? But, Valentine’s day isn’t quite something that everyone is into. Spending extravagantly, going to extreme lengths in order to have this one perfect day of love, in order to prove one’s love to their partner – it all seems a little unnecessary, to say the least, for many out there.

And it might not even be completely untrue.

But, what if one of the two is really romantic and into this whole V-day drama? In that case, you both should be able to find a mid way. You shouldn’t have to go to too extra lengths; you could do something cute and romantic instead of expensive and worthy-just-for-a-day thing for your loved one. They’d be happy with the gesture, and you’d be happy for making them happy!

A win-win!

So, here are 5 ways to express your love in an inexpensive, but uniquely romantic ways:

  • If you live in a seaside city, then the best way to probably spend any day with your loved one, would be to take a long wall across a beach; even take a blanket with you, pack some sandwiches and a bottle of your favorite wine, and watch the sunset together. Sharing a walk with someone you deeply care for, can be one of the most beautiful experiences, especially if you have add a pinch of wonderful conversation to it!
  • Balloons! Guys might find it a little too girly; but balloons filled with messages could be fun, even for the boys. To make it even more interesting, you could make the messages into clues for a supposed treasure hunt. This could turn out to be an amazing adventure of a day, if your partner loves solving puzzles, or can’t sleep over an unsolved riddle. You might not even have to worry about getting something expensive for the final gift or the treasure in the end. The journey to solving the puzzle while popping balloons throughout the way – it could be you both creating a significant memory; that in itself could easily be the greatest gift ever!
  • Candles work like oxygen on Valentine’s! Is there anything more romantic than having a candle-lit dinner, or having some great jazz playing in the background while a couple dancing in a room without lights, except for a few burning candles! It’s just plain romantic. Also, you can always get a little creative when you have a bunch of candles lit in a room, and you’re all alone with your partner, and the air around is thick with love…
  • Who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription these days! Or maybe you like Hotstar or Amazon Prime better. Whatever it is, prepare a list of movies that you both love, one day prior to the V-day. And once comes Valentine’s, get your popcorn ready, make your couch comfortable with pillows and blankets, get yourselves into the most comfy pair of pajamas, keep your phone on the side, though silent, in order to order lunch and maybe even dinner, and get a start on your binge-eating movie marathon day! Valentine’s day or not, nothing feels more romantic than you and your beau going through movie after movie, while holding hands, laughing or crying together, or even getting scared together (if horror is your genre), for as long as you want!
  • How about going to every place that your beau has always loved? Maybe not every place, but you could try to cover as much ground as possible! It would be like a road trip you take; and even though you’d be physically present at those places, this one will feel more like a trip down the memory lane rather than an actual one. It would definitely turn out to be a beautiful valentine’s for the both of you!

Nothing completes a Valentine’s day, except for a little cheesiness – it comes from a place of love, we don’t doubt that – but, lovers do tend to do at least one cheesy or quirky thing on this day! What’s going to be that one quirky advice from your heart, that you plan to follow this time? Write bad poetry? Or sing in a bad voice? Make a burnt omelette? Or maybe make your partner wear exactly the same T-shirt as you?

Let us know!

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