Tiso Ghari: A Brand That Defines Every Young Fashion Lover’s Choice!

Tiso Ghari, a brand that has been brought forth by Badal, is a brand that has been successfully looking after the fashion needs of women from all walks of life across the country. More than anything else, the unique quotient of Tiso Ghari lies it its approach to pattern making. Their way of figure correction, they way they stress on designing and styling clothes that are an absolute comfort fit for their patrons, is what makes it all the more special.

It is in the distinctive styling, the beautiful draping of these subtle yet powerful designs, which make the brand stand apart in the crowd. It is no surprise that fashion enthusiasts are always looking for something new and remarkable. These designs stand proof to the fact, though, that if you wear the same style, but in distinct fabrics, you’ll have an interesting combination to flaunt at every different occasion.

What’s more is that designing every pattern of Tiso Ghari has been a challenge in its own right, having combined the indigenous techniques of Indian craftsmen with the more advanced technology we have at our disposal today. The challenge itself has led Tiso Ghari to embark on a journey that has brought forth the subtle traditional arts, such as hand stitches, tie and dye, and so on, with a bit of an urban spin, in order to cater to women with all different types of tastes in fashion. Making the concepts of fashion and comfort come together in a manner that is smart, sustainable, and fits just about every woman’s style, si what Tiso Ghari stands for!

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