The Unmatchable Charm of Angrakha Kurtis

We have been able to inherit the Angrakha-style dresses from one of the most glorious periods of history, the Mughal era; and we’re more than happy that these lovely suits and kurtis have been able to find an exclusive place in today’s style arena. The showstopper dresses of a bygone era, are in this day and time, easily winning hearts of every fashion lover.

What’s so Unique About Angrakha Kurtis?

Unlike the alternatives, these kurtis are really long, with broad border, and necklines that go down towards the left-hand side, making it look like an angrakha. It is in fact this neckline extension which makes a straight line from top to to bottom, on just one side, that gives it the distinct look.

The Distinct Neckline

With the neckline giving way to two flaps that lay on each other at the chest, these kurtis allow one to tie them together using strings, either at the chest, or waist, neck, and even towards the underarm. These flaps are extremely significant design-wise, and so having them adorned with beads, sequins, buttons, stones, and so on is always a good idea.

Fabrics, Colors, Prints…

The reason these kurtis work well in summers, is that they can be made from cotton, linen, malmal, organza, and worn in colors that are subtle and soothing, such as white, beige, and other pastel shades. But then again, even if you wear an angrakha kurti in bolder shades to only contrast them with lighter pink, blue, green, and such – that would look mesmerizing as well. These kurtis are also available in various prints; so you can choose from floral print, checks, stripes, amongst others, and wear them to any occasion, whether formal, casual, or celebratory.

These are style-flexible dresses, which can be worn with great style to a wedding, as well as with a lot of gusto to your regular work day it with too. Whether you combine it with a scarf and jeans, or go for an all out ethnic look – angrakha won’t disappoint you!

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