The Indian EMBROIDERY saga

With an array of cultures come distinct styles of embroidery.

Indian art and artisan ship has been long known. The Indian Artistry and culture is celebrated throughout the world. In the modern time, the world of embroidery holds a unique existence, which completes our universe of FASHION.

India is the origin for number of popular handicrafts and embroideries. To list a few,


‘The Royal Gota patti work’:  It is the lace work that originated in Rajasthan. The early Raja and maharajas used to wear the dresses adorned in Gota-patti work. So much in vogue these days, Gota patti sarees to Gota patti dupattas have become the first choice for Indian weddings.


‘The Amazing  Zardosi’:  Zardosi, the dressing for the privileged, is an ancient skill where gold and silver threads are used to create elaborate embroidered garments. The word ‘Zardosi’ stems from two Persian words – ‘zar’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘dosi’ meaning ‘embroidery’. Out of all zardosi items, zardosi sarees are most admired by women.


‘The Elegant Chikankari’: Introduced by the fashion icon of her times, Nur Jehan. Chikan is a delicate and artfully done hand embroidery on a variety of textile fabric like muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net, etc. Nowadays chikan embroidery is also done with coloured and silk threads in colours to meet the fashion trends and keep chikankari up-to-date. Chikan is something that can be donned any time and is the perfect definition of beauty with elegance.

To sum up, I think it is the artists of our country that has  led the embroidery industry to the deserving heights. So, Beyond Gallery is trying its best to show case variety of beautiful creations by some magical artisans. Have a look and pick what you love.

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