The ever-green Bandhani MAGIC!!

With time, styles and trends evolved, we moved from Bell-Bottoms to straight fits, and, then again back to the Bell-Bottoms. But, in all the transitions there is one trend that has never gone out of style, and, that is Bandhani.

Bandhani finds in origin back in 2000 BC, when the inhabitants of Mohenjo-Daro civilization used the process of Tye-dye to create Bandhani. Also, the walls of Ajanta caves depict various figures of women wearing Bandhani skirts.

Since then, the process has evolved but the craze has not faded. Even today Bandhani is worn on many auspicious occasions. Adored by all women alike Bandhani is most popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan.


So, here is our own handpicked Bandhani collection for you all. Go ahead and have a look !

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