The Dramatic Comeback of Ruffle Sleeves and Ways to Put ’em On!

Fashion has always been largely about dramatic comebacks; whether it’s polka dots, round glasses, dungarees, or as in this case – ruffles. The style itself being such an accommodating one, you’ll find all kinds of ruffles out there – small, large, subtle, voluminous… And not just that; there are different ways of wearing all these different ruffles as well!

There’s nothing we find more fancy and stylish than ruffles. For our love of statement sleeves, we bring you here are a few fashion tips that you could use to make a fashion statement for yourself!

● Go for a dress that incorporates lace with the ruffles too; that would make for romantic-cum-trendy look, don’t you think!

● You know what’s better than wearing a ruffle-sleeve blouse? Wearing it with a chic mini skirt, while you.. Oh, and it’s the best part… while you tuck the bouncy blouse into your fitted skirt.

● And when you’re bored with ruffle sleeves, you could opt for pants with a teeny bit of a ruffle flare at the end. If casual clothing is your cup of tea, then these pants could be the spoonful of sugar to turn the magic on!

And so, which of these would you like to try first? Let us know!

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