The Perfect Outfit Formula For Your Weekends

Weekends are simply perfect. You get to relax just the way you like, you get to do whatever it is that you want to do, you can spend time with your family or friends or stay alone and read a book – it’s your wish! And weekends are also perfect, fashion-wise. Because in deciding whatever you want to do and wherever you want to be, you’re also deciding what it is that you want to wear!

Weekends are for having fun, and fashion can be so much fun, especially if you experiment with it! We have lined up here a string of fashion match-ups between an occasion or location and an outfit that would go well with it.

These easy match-up tips are sure to land you in a place where both you and fashion find yourselves happy together!

  • Planning a movie marathon this weekend at a friend’s place? You’re going to need something that’s super comfy. And what’s more comfortable than pajamas! But do not forget to bring a pair of stylish flats with you too, just in case you want to run a quick errand.
  • Or are you actually going out to run a few errands? Grocery shopping, picking up a few stationery items, and such? How about throwing together a denim boy shits and pair of mid rise jeans with comfortable sneakers!
  • Attending a formal dinner party this weekend? You’d want to go all elegant in this one. Choose a statement dress – more of a simple shape with bold prints. And pair it up with minimalist accessories, like a simple rose gold bracelet, and pair of stud earrings. To complete the look, go for pumps – toe studded ones, if you want to give yourself the perfect luxe look!
  • And if you’re planning to go on a casual dinner date with your girl gang, we have something of a perfect mix of casual and chic to suggest. Go with a round neck sweater, a pair of ragged slim jeans, a black clutch, black ankle boots, and an embroidered jacket on top. How’s this for chic and casual!
  • Maybe your perfect weekend this time around involves spending some quality time at an art gallery or a suave exhibition. Then it’s time to thrown in some of that ‘high culture’ and turn your outfit to haute couture! Go for statement jewellery and splashy prints. Wear a crepe blouse with a flared skirt. Carry a top handle satchel in your hand, and let your feet revel in high heel stilettos. Now, don’t you let people pay too much attention to the art there!

Fashion is no rule; it has no rule book. It’s you who defines your own sense of style and fashion. Don’t be afraid to make your own mistakes. Be your style guru! Follow or not follow these simple tips, don’t forget to follow your own heart when it comes styling up for any place, any time!

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