Muslin: an untold story of KHADI

Whenever we talk of Khadi, images of Gandhi pops in the head. Because since childhood we have read only one khadi story, that took place when, India was fighting for freedom.

We all know the benefits of Khadi. So, today we plan to take you to a new Khadi journey because, we believe in breaking cliches.

This is the tale of Khadi Muslin from Bangladesh. A variation of Khadi which was very famous in West as well. Transparent in appearance and magical in nature, Khadi was a symbol of nobility in the west. Also there are many interesting stories related to the translucency of muslin. One such, very funny story is that of Emperor Aurangzeb who had once admonished his daughter for wearing a transparent dress. But Aurangzeb was astonished, when he learned that his daughter was actually wearing seven layers of muslin. Surprising, isn’t it?

So, to revive the almost forgotten culture we have bought you amazing khadi products in our store. Go ahead and fetch some awesomeness.

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