Most Loved & Evergreen Sarees : Bandhani

bandhanisareesHave you ever heard any woman saying she doesn’t like Bandhani??  No, right?? Bandhani is very famous and is everybody’s favorite without any doubt. Even a woman who doesn’t love sarees will fall in love with Bandhani sarees. Every woman in India will possess at least one saree/dupatta in bandhani work. It is being sold all over India and the demand has increased over the past few decades and it still have the hype till date.

The word “Bandhani” came from the Hindi word “Bandhan”  which means tying. The most beautiful bandhani comes from Kutch in the state of Gujarat. Bandhni is an age old traditional craft of kutch and khatri community can be said to be preceptors of this craft. Khatris are involved in this art for the last 500 yrs. The ancestors of khatri community has played a efficient role in developing and propagating this cottage industry. Their forefathers with their creative mind and innovative ideas has brought this craft where it it today.

In this craft the cloth is first tied with small thread at different placing giving it a particular design. Then this cloth is dipped in coloured water. The colour used are natural colour made from flowers leaves and parts of plant and trees. When this coloured cloth is dried then the threads are loosened and opened which ultimately results in final designed cloth raw material which can be used for different purposes.

Bandhani sarees are popular for their vibrant colors and beautiful designs. Even though Red, Black, Pink, Yellow and Green are mostly used in Bandhani saree, we can even find pastel shades in this work because of the growing craze for those colors. All the colors used are bright and contrasting with each other.

Bandhani work comes in many designs like squares, stripes, dots, waves, etc. Embroidery work is further done on the Bandhani to give it a decorative look. For weddings, silver and gold embroidery is done on the Bandhani, giving it a rich look. These sarees are perfect for the spring season because of its bright colors. And the good part about this is, it is suitable for any function either on day time or night time.

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