Maxi it up this summer !

maxidressessThe sun has finally returned and it’s time to talk about summer fashion. In this weather conditions, everybody should wear a dress which is comfortable, flowy and which absorbs sweat. Avoiding tight fitted clothes and skinny jeans is the best option for summers. Now the question is what to wear? The simple answer: Maxi Dresses / Skirts.

A maxi skirt or maxi dress is one where the hemline falls below the calf and can extend down to the feet. These are very comfortable for summer weather as they are generally made up of light fabrics in different colors. So no need to worry about the fashion game. Maxi’s are a huge fashion, especially for summers. These are undoubtedly a blessing for people with hourglass and pear shaped bodies. What ever your shape and size a maxi hides the flaws and accentuates your finer points.

Even though your lower body is more covered up with a maxi than shorts or capris, it seems cooler! This is probably due to the fact that the material is not hugging your skin as closely. Based on the fabric and prints you choose, you can opt for a minimal or statement jewelry pieces. Coming to the footwear, sandals provide the best look with them. But there are no absolute rules. Remember, fashion rules have gone out the window, so experiment with maxi styles and have fun!

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