Leather Jackets: What Makes Them a Fall Fashion Staple?

If you ask us about a fashion staple this fall, we’d say it has to be a leather jacket. Without coming off as being too presumptuous a piece of clothing, or looking completely out of place, a leather jacket instead is always just the right amount of chic and looks good on anyone, anywhere.

They are super comfortable, super cozy, keep you warm, and look ultra chic!

That’s what leather jackets are all about, people! They’re all about being ‘Ultra Chic’!

But if you think we’re kidding, we have good reasons to support our argument. Just have a read.

They Fit all Occasions!
Wear a leather jacket over your dress, put on some heels, and you’re ready to go on your date. But later that evening, if you’re going out with friends to a cocktail party, you could just drape the jacket over your shoulders, and you’d be good to go! Or you could choose a slim cut jacket as a stylish alternative to a blazer for office. And on the casual weekends, you’ll just need to team up your favourite pair of jeans with an oversized black motorcycle jacket!

They Make any Outfit Look Savvy!
Wear it with pair of denims, a plain white tee, and leather boots, and look how it gives more definition to your otherwise casual look. Or throw a leather jacket on a striped top or a pretty little striped dress, and see yourself look more polished and more chic in a matter of seconds. You can wear your leather jacket over a pair of sneakers, or your little black dress, or a plaid shirt, or just any high waisted bottoms, and you wouldn’t look all dap and swanky!

They Help You Experiment With Your Own Style!
A good jacket isn’t just about letting you look pretty in a common sort of way, but it’s also a piece of clothing that lets you experiment with your own sense of fashion and style. Maybe buy yourself a jacket with an element of luxury to it – a fur-lined collar would do it just fine! Or team up a pair of high- waisted trousers with a cropped jacket. Instead of wearing a jacket over a striped top, see how a striped jacket looks on you! And how about draping your jacket over your shoulders while wearing a beautiful lace top and a pair of paper bag pants? Wouldn’t that be the perfectly contrasting tough finesse for your softer look? Or do you want to do away with contrasts, or even colors for that matter? Because then you could use your leather jacket to get the perfect and unbelievably smart monochromatic ensemble for your next look!

So many options to choose, so many fashion avenues to stop by – the landscape of a simple leather jacket is vast, and all ready for you to explore! And so, as the Winters just round the corner, buy yourself a dashing leather jacket soon!

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