Khadi: The Textile with Indian Roots and Western Outlook

People are in a festive mood, and it sure is the season of weddings and super chic outdoor lunches just about everywhere in the country. The problem though is, you don’t want to wear something too glamorous to these events but you also shouldn’t look like you picked up the first thing form your wardrobe.

It should fashionable, but just enough; it should be casual, but not too much.

Setting aside your heavy silks and brocades, maybe it’s time you turn to look at one of the most quintessentially Indian textiles; we’re talking about none other than Khadi.

Embrace the Atypical with Khadi

If you’re someone who’s got no love for the fitted and fussy clothing, then Khadi maxi dresses, tank tops, anti-fit dresses, and crop tops could easily become your go-to clothes. Don’t we all crave for clothes that are super comfy and give us enough room to move freely!

Especially, if you go for ivory khadi clothing made available by many brands today, you’ll find them great for hot and humid days which seem to be the rule almost everywhere in India, owing to its tropical weather. The use of this natural fabric accompanied by the simple airy silhouette is bound to help you feel absolutely comfortable and effortlessly cool at the same time.

When we talk about khadi, one usually thinks of kurtas or kurtis in typical white, off-white, or grey shades. The little more adventurous try out colours like lime and indigo. But, you can choose to wear pinafore dresses and tunics made from this chic material, in more contemporary shades such as sunny yellow, and chambray blue which make for happy and vibrant hues.

Final Word…

Khadi, on the top of it all, gives us eco-friendly and sustainable pieces of clothing. As we all try to infuse more and more of this awesomeness into our lives, we’re hereby making the concept of recycling and reusing fashionable.

With the right fabric, fit, and tailoring, you can transform just about any traditional Indian textile to give shape to various kinds of modern-day clothes; and, if anything, khadi has set a fantastic example of providing us with a line of super chic, clean, and contemporary clothing.

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