Jacket up!

blog-8Crop jackets, cardigans, trench coat or blazer,

Everything today is very fashionable.

“Leather” is one of the most “in” fabrics today not because of its look (that is looks fabulous anyway) but because the way it makes you feel – strong, confident, protected.

Fun fact: a jacket was initially invented as a competition to sweaters. It began with the era of over coats and woolens.

Later, creative designers started experimenting with various materials and cuts!

And voilá! We wear what we wear today! The jackets today have more to do than protect us from cold, it’s a style statement. We play with various colors and cuts and fabrics!

Something like a black leather jacket on a white t-shirt and a skinny jeans or maybe, a brown leather jacket clubbed with a black fringe top and a sexy shorts!

From the material to the final sale, a jacket makes you who you are and what impression you are trying to put forth!

  • A blazer is formal, composed but very attractive.
  • A bright over coat is carefree, young and joyful.
  • And a floral jacket clubbed with a dark plain t-shirt is very bold and beautiful.
  • So what is your jacket statement?
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