Interesting Ways of Wearing Your Oxfords

Coming across this name may at first create an image of a professional environment where people wear their daily formal outfits with shoes. There is a lot more in fashion than what appears with these fun to display shoes.

The name represents a sense of authority, topped with a layer of excitement, thereby making it an altogether new experience wearing these timeless pair of shoes. If you are thinking that these are just a pair of shoes which cannot be worn while hanging out, you may need to think twice.

Now how does one wear these Oxford shoes on an occasional to regular day? Well, the answer lies in what outfit you want to try them with. It’s that easy!

While on a day out with your friends

A pair of ankle length casuals with the combination of a cropped top and a long jacket will work just perfect for your loud coloured oxford shoes when you want to hang out on a weekend. You might add a scarf around the neck or a hat to complete the look. White and light toned colours go well with brown pairs whereas a pink, blue or any bright shade may look just fabulous with those peppy coloured wares from your wardrobe. Remember, we want to have fun with these little devils!

Going to a birthday party?

Well, Oxford shoes work perfect for that too! A floral knee length dress looks awesome with these. You would grab a look from every pair of eyes in the room wearing a pair of these golden or silver shaded ones. On the other hand, Oxfords go very well with a pair of full leggings and knee length top with a short coat too.

At the pub!

You’ve got to admit that it’s kind of tough carrying yourself on high heels when you are on the dance floor all dolled up. Instead of wearing a dress, maybe next time throw in a pair of shorts, a cute top, and wear it with a long coat. And then just to put that cherry on the cake, rest your feet into a chic pair of Oxfords, and dance all night long! Go for bright or dark colors. With a dance floor to step on, you couldn’t go wrong with them!

Power dressing

Last but not the least, Oxford shoes would be an interesting partner to your formal shirt-pants combo and a blazer on top.
To that board meeting, to that presentation you have to give, or just on a regular day at work, your executive wear would be incomplete without a preferably black or brown pair of Oxford shoes.

These shoes look great, are comfortable, and conveniently fashionable. Because Oxfords live on the line that separates casual from formal, either way it’s your friend, regardless the occasion, and almost irrespective of the outfit. It’s safe. It’s cool. And it’s definitely a fashion staple!

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