How To Scarf It Right!

“Winter is coming!” Yes, the wait is finally over and with the cold shivers comes the beautiful scarves. Scarves are the essential for transforming a dull dress into an anytime wear.

Here are some guidelines from the classic scarf lookbook. Read along and give your dress a scarf makeover.

1-A must do – A solid colour for a solid statement.
The easiest scarf 101 is to use a bold solid hue on a patterned shirt or a floral dress. If you’re feeling a bit funky, you could reverse the combination as well.

2-Avoid at all cost, unless you’re attending a fashion Halloween.
A floral shirt, a floral skirt with a floral headband and a floral scarf with your candy shoes is a strict no no.

3-A colour chart is a real thing!
Hey girl, boys fancy rainbows only when they’re in the sky! So let’s not dress up like a rainbow poop but instead take a long glance at the colour wheel. Remember, as a kid we were all taught that colours on the opposite side of the wheel are complementary colors?!

4-Have an eye for the nudes
Here’s a pro tip on how not to be a in the radar of fashion police. If you’re unsure of your scarf colour, buy nudes. Cream or skin coloured scarf aren’t in-your-eyes flashy, nor are they ordinary. A silk nude scarf will make a perfect accessory for a high tea event or a movie screening.

5- The quick fix- Here are looks that you can pull off in a jiffy!

– The classic look.
The perfect ingredients for a classic look is a black scarf and a pea coat. You could never go wrong with a camel, navy coat paired with a plain black scarf!

– Save those shivers.
Heat it up with a long knitted scarf that could be loosely pulled over your shoulders and add a high waist belt to It! Don’t worry about the bulk, the more volume your scarf adds, the better it gets.

– The rockstar appeal
Bring out that inner rockstar in you with a pair of ripped jeans and a long scarf that flows along with breezy winds.

-Bandana and more
On a relatively sunnier day, go chic with a bandana! Let your hair loose and let the bandana do the talking. Psst. You could pair it up with a classic blue jeans and a white tee.

If you’re up for some adventure you could wear the bandana loosely around your neck.

Folks, keep calm and remember, “not all super are in capes; some come in a scarf!” We hope you’ve upped your scarf game with these simple hacks.

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