How to Make Saffron an Part of Your Personal Style Statement

Yellow, in the past, wasn’t really the most favorite color when it came to fashion and even wardrobe essentials sometimes. And when it comes to Saffron, this shade, it seemed, was particularly feared.

But, times have changed, and so have the preferences of people. Even the most fashion conscious ones are now flattered by this beautiful hue and shade, always looking for ways to include it in their outfits. This is how we’d recommend the inclusion of saffron while making your personal style statement…

  • Yellow is most associated with the feeling of pure joy and cheerfulness. Words like bright, happy, and even romantic come to mind when we see particularly this shade of yellow. Maybe it sounds a little cheesy, but if you’re looking to wear something sheer and feminine, that goes perfectly well with a romantic setting, absolutely go for saffron!
  • Saffron worn with a pair of distressed denim is the perfect way to appear all casual cool, especially if you’re not ready to completely embrace this color trend.
  • White and saffron make a magical pairing! If you’re one to appreciate the beauty of traditional wear, you can go for an all white kurti and patiala combination, and work up the magic by draping a saffron dupatta. It’s simple, it’s chic, and did we tell you how magical it is?
  • While white looks heavenly with saffron, there are no dearth of colors that pair amazingly well with this shade. You can go for red, grey, gold, coral, pink, blue, or navy blue, and rock it with saffron.
  • Another way to let saffron into your dressing, without actually dressing up in it, is looking for saffron-incorporating accessories. It could be as bold as shoes, or subtle as a pair of earrings; but, it will certainly help of you’re still on the fence about this shade of yellow.

While there are people who love going all bold with saffron, wearing it from head to toe – you can choose the amount of this shade you want to allow in your wardrobe , and therefore your personal style.

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