Haven’t you bought a Chanderi Yet?

Wedding season is on!!

Kill the confusion and step into our store to unlock the world of Dressing Solutions, by grabbing a Chanderi Silk Saree from the Saree Collection.

Why Chanderi?

Chanderi find its roots near the Mahabharat Age. It’s been into the fashion since then. This is almost unbelievable, but, indeed the beauty of chanderi silk is what that entices the attention to its fabulous looks. This is something which you should own for sure and you would no go un-noticed.

How to drape it?

Draping chanderi might appear as a mammoth task. But once you try it, it would be a piece of cake for you. Chanderi saree looks best when Pallu is left lose. It enhances the work on the Pallu as well the saree border. Also, it gives you a slimmer looker. Isn’t it like an icing on the cake?


But chanderi requires a lot of care, how do I do that?

Problem solved! Use a neutral soap for washing and take care of the fact that you always wash it in cold water.Do not expose the chanderi fabric to sun and make it dry in shade, always in the opposite side. Further, to store it fold the saree and use a hanger to hang your pretty saree.

What are you waiting for now!! Go ahead and claim your Chanderi.

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