Entering Fabulous 40s? Let’s Make ‘Em Stylish!

40s is such an interesting time! Not too young. Sure. But, not too old either! Your days to experiment with style and fashion are far from over.

Having touched 50, a couple of years ago, Sarah Jessica Parker could easily be the torchbearer of having lived fabulous 40s. Just like Carrie from Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker has rarely ever shied away from having the picture perfect sophisticated look; being an all in all fashionista.

And if it’s the TV queens that we’re talking about, how does one forget Jennifer Aniston – our Rachel from FRIENDS; the perfect example of your next door girl. Who would say that our jeans clad elegant Jennifer is just 2 years short of touching 50? Does she ever look a day over 20!

So, what’s the secret recipe to looking amazing in your forties?

Let’s look at 5 of the best style lessons that have been left to us by world’s greatest fashion gurus who’ve turned 40:

● If you doubt it in the store, don’t buy it. Trial rooms are there for a reason. Not just to check how the outfit fits you, but see if it looks good. Don’t buy something because it defines some ideal of fashion for you. Buy something, only if it feels good, and pleases you to look yourself in the mirror wearing it.

● This is a time when you’re busy dropping your kids to their school, tuitions, and a hundred other classes, while managing to hit the gym or just take out time for a quick run. The answer to looking gorgeous while you clearly think you’re not supposed to, lies in pumped up kicks. They look cute, they’re tough, and they’re awesome. Pair of pumped up kicks is definitely one of those must haves.

● Something that most people demand from their 20s, but your 40s wardrobe could care less about, are tight fitting clothes. Body-con might not seem like a very fine idea right now. Rather, one of those chic flowing velvet skirts, or a smart overcoat would seem like a really smart idea. Skirts a little too high up over the knees might again look a little unflattering for your calves; they might even make you look a bit older. Go for the knee length skirts instead. That will give you a petite look.

● Accessorize. Not just to look good, but you’ll have so much fun mixing and matching up stuff. Your belts, jewelry, handbags – everything; just play with them. See what looks good with what dress, and pair up the outfits with the accessories accordingly.

● A must have in your wardrobe is a few pairs of jeans. Denim goes with everything – that sentence looks a bit flawed. Instead, we could easily say – everything works with denim. A pair of jeans can easily give you a laid back casual chic look, and it can as easily make you look really sophisticated if paired with the right accessories. What’s more? It almost always makes you look younger!

There are all sorts of fashion statements being made by different people. Fashion – the word itself redefines itself every few years. So, the question isn’t what is being made popular by our favourite celebrities these days? The thing to learn from them is, how do you make yourself feel comfortable and look elegant, simultaneously – just as they do?

To reach the destination of finding your personal style statement, your journey would be about embracing the right mix of style and comfort for you.

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