Easy Nail Art Ideas For Beginners

bssBored of looking at your nails clad in monotones? If you’re someone like that and want to have pretty nails, you probably spend hours looking up for a cute nail art. For beginners, Nail art is a creative way to decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. Some people might feel it is too hard to create a design on the nails and some might feel the nail art tools are expensive. Well, we’ve got you covered with some manicure magic with tools available at our home. So let’s begin!

For a two-tone look, use loofah as your tool. Place the loofah on your finger and dab the sponge which has your favorite color on it on your nails. You have an amazing dual tone nail design. Polka dots are in trend these days, in order to create a polka dot nail art, a Bobby pin can do the job efficiently. Use the larger round of the Bobby pin to create larger dot and a smaller one for the smaller dot.

For creating a diagonal pattern, use a small piece of tape and paint the color over it. Voila!! You have the most amazing pattern on your fingers. Get an easy gradient by applying a glitter top coat on half the nail. Stripes are an evergreen fashion. To create a nail art with stripes, cut a plastic paper or cover into small strips and place them on your nail at equal distances and paint over them. You will have amazing stripes nail paint after removing the strips. Similarly, you can use a toothpick, sponge, cotton buds etc. for creating multiple designs.

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