Different Ways to Style your Culottes

blogimgCulottes are women’s knee-length trousers, which resemble a skirt. They are in huge trend these days. These can be the perfect match for the summer as they are very comfortable even in this hot climate. Culottes are even more comfortable than palazzos as they come till knee length. So, one can easily wear this trendy bottoms throughout the summer.

Let’s check how to style your culotte pants to achieve the look you want.  To look professional, add a blazer on your plain tank top or plain T-shirt. Finish off the look with minimal accessories and a sleek ponytail. You are good to attend your corporate meetings in this look. To rock the summer look, simply pair up your plain culottes with a striped tank top or striped culottes with a plain top.

For a casual and fun look, pair up a crop top with your culottes. This look is perfect for a day out or brunch. Even plus sized beauties can easily rock in this style. Just tuck in the T-shirt or shirt into the culottes and you are good to go. This can hide the waistline and by adding heels to this outfit will give an illusion of long legs. Culottes can be perfect even in Winters too. Just layer the look with a sweater or scarf for the warmth needed.

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