Anarkali – A Suit That Suits Every Occasion!

Indian attires usually are so dynamic in their range and affluent in the way they present themselves, that it’s difficult to choose a favorite amongst them. You have a kurti that’s simple, comfortable, and smart; then there’s saree which is so stylish and still deep rooted in our very traditions; and of course there are salwar suits which are again comfortable, yet depending on the color, fabric, and embroidery, can be either cute and chic, or elegant and luxurious.

It’s the last category that we’d like to delve in a little further by making our case for Anarkali suits. One of the most deeply loved outfit across the whole of country, an anarkali goes perfectly well with any occasion and looks great on everyone! And here’s the reason why we say that:

The Origin of Anarkali

The history of Anarkali suits can be traced back to the classic Mughal period. It was the beautiful Anarkali – a courtesan at Emperor Akbar’s court and Salim’s love – who came to be the namesake of this attire since Madhubala wore ‘Anarkalis’ while playing her role in the movie Mughal-E-Azam. We did lose Anarkalis for a few decades after that; but boy, did it make a tremendous comeback!

A Brilliant Display of Design

From design point of view, an anarkali suit never disappoints! Whether it’s on the bust, or around the waist, or across the whole of its hemline, each of these suits is a canvas waiting for a designer to make their mark. A designer is free to use their imagination while showcasing their design capabilities, because this suit can be interpreted by a designer however they wish to. They can also be easily paired with a jacket, or a lehenga bottom, or have it made in floor length. It offers a brilliant flexibility of design like nothing else does!

Looks Good on One and All!

There’s always such a fuss about what to wear, or what looks good on a certain body type. With an anarkali suit, the worries end instantly. This attire could be the flagbearer of feminism, in that it does not favor just one body type. Skinny, voluptuous – however you are – an anarkali suit will always make you look beautiful and no less!

Fit for All Occasions

With a flair for choosing the right anarkali suit, you can wear to just about any place and any occasion. A chic anarkali to work, or a traditional heavily embroidered one to a wedding, or a classy anarkali suit to an after-party, and so on.

  • For Work, and as a Daily Wear

    Without aiming for too much bling, go for the chic ones made from cotton, georgette, and such with very limited embellishments. For example, block-printed cottons would make a fantastic anarkali to survive summers fashionably. Muted colors like light blue and peach wouldn’t do any harm either. Chanderi silk suits are another example of elegant, yet not too flashy attire for an everyday look.

  • For Weddings, Festivities, and as a Party Wear

    Because of its sheer volume itself, this outfit adds the right amount of glamour the look. Putting an extra spring in your step, anarkali suits in bright colors, complete with bling and extraordinary embroidery make for a killing partywear. Go for colors like bright red and yellow, and choose gota-patti embroidery and such to grab everyone’s attention at the next party you attend.

So, are you ready to bowl people over? Then, don’t wait too long. Go ahead, shop, and buy yourself a chic anarkali right now!

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