5 Ways You Can Style Your Pleated Skirts This Season

The season to don pleated skirts is right here, and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to experiment with your outfits and look absolutely uber chic! While it long surpassed the time when it was considered only a uniform staple, it’s only since very recently that pleated skirts found their way into mainstream fashion world. With such a 1950’s retro and elegant feel to them, you can buy these a variety of textures and colors, and even fabrics!

Here we have 5 simple ways to help you get the perfectly cute or an absolutely enthralling look with pleated skirts, this season…

● You could use your more casual sweaters, paired with a black pleated skirt, to give yourself quite a chic look.

● If your idea of fashion on a day is going monochrome, then an effortlessly cool and classic with a pleated skirt and a charcoal top.

● Maybe even make your pleated skirt a black leather one to make it look edgy! Don’t forget to add a pair of heeled ankle boots to perfect the look.

● And even though usually these pleats settle right around the knees, we also see some very charming maxi-length skirts these days. One, that’s in a beautiful pastel color, like rose or beige, could go very well with a lacy or sheer blouse to give you an perfectly sophisticated look.

● Another way of donning a more ladylike look, is to have a polo neck with a pleated skirt, accessorised with a skinny belt and high-heeled pumps to add definition to the outfit.

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