5 Tips on Pulling Off the Perfect Cropped Trousered Look!

Capris are being touted as one of the wardrobe staples by most designers today; and the reason is quite simple, really! Even if figure flattery isn’t really a good designer’s top priority, one can safely say that cropped pants nail the playful geeky-cum-spectacularly cool look without a strain! The perfect mix of fun and style, and a godsend for the hot summers we have here, cropped trousers have a special place in a designer’s heart and a girl’s closet!

But, how to wear this perfect piece of clothing, while also maintaining a flattering silhouette?

Here are some 5 easy tips that are sure to help you have fun, while looking fabulous in your favourite pair of cropped pants…

    To adorn the most flattering look, make sure you capris are tapered. Because, they are bound to look much better if they follow your natural leg line. If you’re someone who loves the wide trousered look, then going for the full leg look should be the choice you make. Otherwise, in case of cropped pants, stay to a tight leg line, and you’ll sure look very cool.

    If you want to get rid of the nuisance of leg shortening effect, then you’ll find high heels provide with the easiest solution. Especially,with wide cropped pants, high heels work like magic!

    Whenever you dress, follow the “rule of thirds”. Your top part usually comprises of a third, and the remaining two thirds is your bottom part. But, with right dressing, you can create a completely opposite silhouette for yourself – that is, ⅔ top and a ⅓ bottom. This you can do, if you tuck-in the top you’re wearing with your cropped trousers. Even if your wear a dress instead of a top, or a long tunic, it will give you similar awesome results!

    To make your legs appear longer than they are, try to make sure there isn’t too much of a contrast between your legs and your shoes. Particularly, shoes without straps have that effect on legs. So, if you have shorter legs, you could use this tip while wearing capris.

    If you’re wearing flared or wider cropped trousers, then make sure you pair them with a shorter top. High waisted capris look particularly fabulous with tops which end at the waist!

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