5 Practical Tips to Take Care of Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are a classic choice of garment for ladies all over the country. Be it our grandma, or a celebrity, a cotton saree always manages to win the popularity contest.

While you don’t need to be a certain age, or have a certain body type in order to don and look good in this ‘6 yards of elegance’, you do need to keep a few things in mind, in order to take care of one.

● If you want to remove stains from your cotton saree, the right way is to give it for dry cleaning or petrol wash (it uses white petrol). Do not, ever, use a hard-bristled brush to furiously rub over the stained surface. That will only result in a tear.

● Mild detergents are just fine to wash any cotton saree. Using a harsh chemical based detergent has more chances of damaging the fabric rather than cleaning it.

● Cotton fabric is notorious for color leaks. So, it’s better not to wash two of them together, for you might just ruin one or both of them.

● Hanging your saree in harsh sunlight, again would have more chances of ruining it than drying it. Use an open space that is a little windy, and more importantly which has some shade over it.

● Don’t turn on too much heat while ironing your cotton saree. Keep it medium, and be gentle.

An additional tip

A cotton saree, when it’s brand new, is a little stiff. That’s because of the starch which is added to it, while weaving and coloring. In order for you to comfortably wear a new saree, you would have to remove the starch. The way to do it is, add 3-4 spoonfuls of salt in a bucket full of water, and dip your saree in it. Keep it there for about half an hour. When you take it out, you will find the starch gone, smoothness of the fabric restored, and the color of your saree more vibrant!

We hope these easy and practical tips will help you keep your cotton saree as young as the day you bought it!

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