4 Awesome Reasons to Wake up Early Everyday

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It’s one of those quotes that has stuck with us forever.

But ever think why it is so?

What is so right about waking a few hours early in the morning?

People say that their lives changed as they changed their waking time. They say they feel more energetic and joyful just because they now wake up a bit early. What do these people mean?

Let’s find out.

You Get Your Precious ‘Me’ Time!
You can use a little extra time to meditate, go for a run, take a nice little walk, go to the local gym, indulge in some mindful yoga, or do anything that feels good and stress-free. These are the kinds of activities that boost your energy levels, and set you in a positive mood for your busy schedule ahead. A more active and effective mind can do wonders for your performance all through your day. Starting your day in a healthy way makes for a fantastic day ahead.

You Get Ample Time For Breakfast!
The most important meal of the day always seems to coincide with the busiest part of the day. A healthy breakfast usually threatens to take time out of the morning rush hours, doesn’t it? Because you don’t just have to eat it – you have to first prepare it! Being an early riser, you will never have to skip your breakfast. It will give you time not just to prepare your grand meal, but also cherish every morsel of it. And a proper breakfast will make you feel fuller for a longer period, keep you off of junk food, and save you from a list of problems like obesity, high blood pressure, and such.

You Get Plenty of ‘Getting Ready’ Time
Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Don’t these words ring true for every girl out there, considering how much time we take to get ready in the morning! And how bad does it hurt when you have to put on the first dress that comes into hand, wear any pair of shoes you find, and are left with bare minimum time to do your makeup? Therefore for all the fashion-loving girls out there, here’s the good news. Rising early would give you all the time in the world, and maybe a few minutes more to don the perfect outfit, choose the right accessories, and put on the best makeup!

You Get To Meet Your Deadlines Easily!
Isn’t all of our lives ruled by an incessant number of deadlines? And don’t we all wish for just a few more hours to meet these impossible-to-complete time limits? A big advantage of waking up a few hours early in the morning is being able to finish your task at or even before the given target time. It can reduce a lot of unwarranted stress and anxiety. The morning time being considered the most productive in a day, you will find yourself getting your work done far more efficiently.

Rising early is considered one of the best habits that a person can form. Getting up late, to making a brunch out of a breakfast, to a late lunch, to a past-midnight dinner – it’s a cycle of mundanity that can break you, if you don’t break it first. Hence, to make a stronger person out of you – mentally and physically – you will have to first make an early riser out of yourself.

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