3 Dupattas That You Can Always Play Mix n’ Match With!

With so many clothes in the closet, doesn’t it get boring to repeat an outfit too many times? But then, what’s the alternative? We can’t possibly buy a new outfit every time we get bored!

It’s a good thing then, that we can mix and match our dupattas with different kurtis and suits, and even carry the whole outfit with different accessories every time. This way, we don’t have to spend too much money, and boredom will almost never cross our way!

Here are our three favourite dupattas that you can easily mix and match to wear a more interesting ethnic wear, every time you step out of your house!

Net Dupattas

Net dupattas, every stylish woman’s choice, are both light in weight, and have a sheer texture that everyone absolutely loves. An embroidered net dupatta, or ones with intricate chikankari work, can be matched well with kurti which has a contrasting color to the dupatta. If you have a festive occasion to attend, you can even wear this dupatta over the head, and use stylish Jooda pins to hold it together.

Chanderi Dupattas

The luxurious looking lightweight Chanderi dupattas provide another way of mixing and matching dupattas with your ethnic wear. The extraordinary fabric which comes form weaving golden Zari and silk into cotton yarn, the shimmering texture of these dupattas is incomparable. While Chanderi sarees are more popular, these dupattas paired with Kalamkari kameez give a look, unlike anything else!

Kalamkari Dupattas

Kalamkari, or block printed or hand painted technique has been a staple in the textile industry for long. The unique patterns and interesting colors make Kalamkari dupattas a big hit amongst fashion lovers of all ages. These match exceptionally well with plain kurtis and denims as bottom. Pair it with terracotta jewelry, take a folded clutch that has beautiful embroidery to boast of, and carry your look with elan!

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