10 Ways to Wear Skater Skirts This Winter!

Winter isn’t exactly the ideal weather for skirts but if you’re a rule breaker or an experimenter here’s your opportunity to try something new!

Like some of us, if you’re still wondering what skater skirt is, it is a high waist, short skirt with a hemline above the knees. It impersonates the fold of a skirt that is actually worn by a skater, and thus the name! Now that we’ve cleared the air, here are 10 ways to wear a skater skirt this winter.

Layer it up
One of the easiest ways to look dressy and yet beat the cold is by layering your skirt. All you gotta do is match your favorite cardigan with your skirt and complete the look with some tights. If you’re up for some more fun, you could add a nice hat and a pair of Oxford shoes.

Make a statement
You don’t care about the world and its norms, do you?! If you’re a braveheart, a bold being – this look is for you! Wear a skater skirt and pair it with a leather jacket. Brown and black are uniform leather jackets that you can’t go wrong with.

The dapper look
If you need to pull off a sophisticated look or add classy charm to everyday office wear, you could opt for a shirt and a skater shirt. The art lies in tucking a button-down shirt inside your high waist skirt.

Keep it simple, silly!
This one is for the casual goers. As the name suggests this look needs you to dress down and live in the moment. Wear any casual t-shirts and match it up with a basic black skater skirt and sneakers.

The one for the meetings
A skirt paired with a sweater and a blazer. This look is for all those times when you have a super important business meeting in the day followed by a not-so-formal dinner for the night.

A bit of Boho Chic
Pull over a sweater over you tight fitting skater skirt. Don’t worry, the bulkier the sweater, the better it gets! Psst.. Do not tuck your sweater and let it hang loosely over your skirt!

Crop it!
If it’s not too cold in your part of the world, you could try your hand (or should we say body) at crop tops. A cropped sweater coupled with a high waist skirt and boots could add an extra zing to your everyday look.

Stockings are the Kings.
Literally. A major chunk of so-called winter look depends on the kind of stockings and tights you pick. You could try patterned stockings to replicate the retro yet whimsical era! A brown transparent stocking could be perfect for a formal look. A nude shade would work best for a morning fiesta. If comfort is what you choose, try out the thigh-high socks instead of the tights!

The Back-to-school look
Recreate those fun carefree days at school with a plaid shirt. Layer the plaid shirt with a sweater and let the sleeves and the collars peak out from it. The reds and the blues are perfect for the sweater, while a more neutral color would work wonders for the plaid shirt.

Boot it up!
Boots are the secret ingredients to spice up your skater skirt look
Knee Highs- On those cold unforgiving nights wear knee-high boots to stay doubly warm.

An extra inch- Feel on top of the world with ankle boots. Some extra inches can’t do any harm now!

Combat Boots- An embellished top with combat boots make a cool pair that’s casual and comfy both.

The Peppy Vibe- Subscribe to a bubbly look with the Oxford shoes and a hat.

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