Summer Essentials & Tips

summertipsSummer is already here and we have started facing the hot temperatures. This summer heat not only brings changes in our body but also damages our skin a lot. We definitely need to take extra care of our skin to protect it from sun damage.

The part which gets affected by the sun heavily and which we tends to neglect mostly is our Eyes. Yes, eyes will get affected by the heat a lot. So do not step out of your house with out goggles during day time. In the same way, for the skin, sunscreen lotion is a must. It protects the skin from getting damaged by the heat. To protect head, cap/scarf is a must.

Apart from these, here are the few home remedies which will be very helpful during the summers:

  • Cucumber slices/Cotton pad dipped in Rose water: Place these on your eye lids to give the natural cooling effect to the eyes. This also helps in bringing out the heat.
  • Tomato pulp/Aloe Vera gel: This is very much effective in treating the sun burns/tan.
  • Curd/Egg Mask: This mask helps in deep conditioning the scalp thus prevents the hair from getting damaged.
  • Honey-Lemon mask: Treats any discoloration caused as lemon acts as a natural bleach and honey is a natural anti oxidant. This also helps in removing dead cells and also clearing blackheads.
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