Skincare Tips for Long Duration Flights

blogLong duration flights are very tiresome not only for our body but also for the skin. Skin gets very little oxygen during flight time as you are enclosed in an encapsulated environment without fresh air depending on recycled air and therefore it does not get cleaned thoroughly. This immediately results in dehydration, sensitivity and tired dull skin. The single most important thing to do is to drink water because long-haul flights are the ultimate Dehydrators.

It’s important to travel with well-cleansed skin and apply two layers of moisturizer and avoid makeup. Always carry a travel size moisturizer and body lotion to apply during your flight. If your skin requires something stronger than a moisturizer, a rehydrating serum could become your savior. Also, keep any face mist that suits you the best or even rose water in a spray bottle and spray onto your face whenever you need to be hydrated and stay cool. We should never forget about lips when talking about skin care.

Lips will become dry easily, so keep a very good lip balm in the hand luggage and apply it whenever needed. These days, sheet masks are everywhere and they can be very handy while traveling as they avoid the mess which is usually created while applying and removing any face mask. They help in hydrating the facial skin. If you cannot avoid makeup, opt for a minimal makeup. It is also important to carry wet facial wipes to clean your face whenever needed. By following these simple tips, your skin will not look dull or dry even while traveling for a long time.

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