Re-invent Your Look: Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions!

Many a poets have often said “eyes are a window to the soul. ” Nothing attracts a man more than a pair of deep expressive eyes that could speak a thousand words in just a glance. Let’s admit it; we have all coveted those dramatic eyes like Kim Kardashian or our desi girl Kareena Kapoor. Before you take a leaf out of Bollywood’s look-book, you must keep a couple of things in mind.

The article below contains some industry secrets, right from choosing the correct pair of eyelashes to safe removal and insider tips. We have it all covered!

3 Easy Beauty Steps to Follow :

Step 1 – The Perfect Pick
o Essentials: A good brand of hypo allergic eyelashes
Artificial eyelash extensions are used to supplement your eye shape. Choose lashes based on your face profile. For longer faces with wide eyes, cluster the lashes in the centre. Use thicker lashes for smaller eyes. This will enhance your eyes, giving it a deception of size. In order to achieve the voluminous look use longer lashes for deep set eyes.

Step 2: Size It Right
o Essentials – Nail scissors
The length of the lashes needs to match your face structure and shape. Rely on your instincts to determine the right size. For starters, you can cut individual lashes to achieve a more natural look. Keep a pair of trimmers or nail scissors at hand, and trim the lashes to suit your needs.

Step 3 – Cut ‘n’ Paste
o Essentials: Eyelash adhesive / skin glue
If you have a steady hand you could directly hold the pair of eye lashes with tweezers, and glue the base. First timers could apply the glue to their free hand, and gently dab the glue on the lash. Don’t worry about shuddering hands! Practice will only make you perfect. Once the glue settles in, steadily place the lash strip onto the outer edge of your eyes. (Try pasting them closest to your natural lash line, in the same angle preferably).

Glam Makeover Tips

Blend It In
Essentials – curlers, Mascara, eyeliners / Kohl pencils
For the final touch-up, use eyelash curlers to create an inward ‘C’ shape. Further, use black or brown mascara to blend them in with your natural eyelashes. Apply eyeliner to fill in the gap between the lash lines.

Avoid mascara if you are planning to re-use them. Choose the colour of your extensions correctly, keeping the overall look in mind.

A word of caution: Health hazards

In the quest for achieving the right look and adding to your glam quotient, do not compromise on quality. It is essential to limit their use only to special occasions. Indeed, you can re-use artificial eyelashes; but you must also make sure that they do not get contaminated with dirt, dust, sweat, and harmful bacteria in the process.

Health hazards include exposure to array of eye infections and possible allergies. Haphazard or improper attachment can cause damage to your natural lashes. Furthermore, using artificial lashes for a long duration can also result in extra pressure causing damage to the hair follicles, hindering eyelash growth temporarily, or even permanently.

If you aim to master the look, we strongly recommend our readers to use only hypo allergic and superior products.

Essentials – cotton swab, water/ make up removal creams.
For easy and safe removal, use a cotton swab to wet the eyelash. (You could also use makeup removal creams instead of water) The application of water would soften the glue layer.

Next, peel the glue gently off your lower eyelash working from outer to inner corner.

TICK– TOCK: How long does it last?

If you need your lashes to last throughout the day, select a long wearing adhesive. Double check, and pull gently to make sure that they are secured. For a longer duration, choose salon-applied eyelash extension (these stay put for a moth to two, depending upon the upkeep).

“Aakhon mein teri ajab se ajab se aadaen hai” Luscious eyelashes are a perfect amalgamation of innocent and sexy. So ladies, break free from the monotony! Indulge in a pair of eyelash extensions, and add a touch of glam and a dash of glitz to your everyday look; or be the eye candy of any party – because one look is all it takes!

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