The Perfect Eyeliner Match For Your Eyes!

“Her eyes have their own vocabulary. What a beautiful language to learn!”
-A seasoned lover

Indeed, eyes are the most expressive part of our face and it is essential to dress it right. Choosing an eyeliner can be quite a confusing and a daunting task. There are clearly a lot of things that have to be considered before landing on the perfect match. The market options, brands, the colors and the textures available in the stores can get you spoilt for choices. Here are some tips to get you started.


Is it for you?
Worry not, you do not need artists’ hands to try this one. With a little practice, your hands would stabilize to sketch a line with varied thickness. A gel is a must for the catty eyed look!

The Look-
For a smudge-free look that lasts for longer hours, the gel is your pick! The end product is clean lines with neat gradations and good colorations.

The Application-
The gel eyeliner is available in small pot like boxes. Generally, a brush comes complimentary with the package; yet if you’re comfortable with a particular angled brush set, we would recommend you to stick to that! Angled brushes are great for creating a well-shaped line.

The Downside-
The only flipside we see is that the gel dries out very quickly. Losing the brush cap would call upon a premature death sentence to your beloved eyeliner. Another thing that we are not particularly fond of is the chipping! If you intend to keep the look for long hours we suggest a touch-up.


Is it for you?
The liquid liners are an easy fix for the amateur artists, especially if freestyle is their technique.

The look-
It gives the glossy look of liquid liner with the easy application of a gel. Apply the liquid liner for a quick dry finish that remains glossy for the better part of the day!

The Application –
As the makeup gurus often quote “The higher the wing, the closer to heaven” The cat-eyed look comes second to a red bold lipstick. If you are a liquid liner buff, you know that the brush is the king. Choose a liner with a sturdy brush. Felt up tip brushes give the sharpest wing in the game. For the perfect winged eye look, experiment with colors and textures. Make it super dramatic and edgy by applying a bit of gold towards the tips. A standalone look that supplements a bold personality, the cat-eyed look needs no extra accessories.

The Downside-
The only Achilles heel to the mighty liquid liner is that it can tend to get a little messy around the eyes. Never rub your eyes! Roger that?


Is it for you?
The pencil eyeliners are made for the patrons of the smokey eye look. Albeit a stable hand with some tiny bit shading sense is a must to pull of this one.

The look-
Whether it’s just another day at work, or a dressy event in the night, a smokey eye has a mystic timeless class that redefines your aura. It creates an illusion of power and a beautiful mess around your eyes.

The Application-
Much like a normal pencil, draw and trace lines along your lash lines. Once the lines are drawn smudge it with the tip of your finger. Run the kohl along your waterlines for a greater intensity. The blend-it-all look works for a casual date or a high tea affair.
The pencil liners get brownie points for the fact that they could be applied to your waterlines without causing any harm to your eyes.

The downside-
Sharpening the pencil tip is often a pain without any cure. Uneven pointy edges can hurt a bit. Ouch!

So folks, whether you want the edgy eyes or the sleek finish, an eyeliner is an absolute must!

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