Why Do You Need Sunscreen during Winters Too?

Wearing sunscreen during summers is common, though many people don’t even do that. But most go out in the winters after applying only a normal moisturizer – sunscreen, they deem unnecessary when the Sun doesn’t seem like giving them too hard a time.

Do you too check the weather before deciding on whether or not wear your sunscreen?

If yes, read ahead to know why sunscreens are a necessity all year round, and no time is really a bad time for applying them:

It’s The Ultimate UV Saviour!

A cloudy weather might look like the perfect day to not wear sunscreen, right? After all, you don’t really feel the direct sunlight hitting your skin! But the fact is, however thick the clouds might be, more than 80% of the sunlight is able to penetrate through them. And UVA rays present in the sunlight, the ones that are still in picture during winters, are extremely harmful to the skin. They can easily damage skin at the deeper levels, increasing the skin’s natural ageing process as well as the risk of getting skin cancer. And the other kind- UVB rays – they’re no good either! While the damage they do is superficial in nature, they do result in sunburns. But the good thing about UVB is, they’re susceptible to the changing seasons. You’ll encounter ore of these rays during summers, than winters. Nevertheless, a sunscreen with a decent SPF is your only saving grace from sun rays – no matter what season.

Reduces The Chances of Skin Cancer!

Like we said, winters, summers, rainy season, whatever it might be – sun doesn’t take rest; and so the chances of getting skin cancer also loom if you do not wear a sunscreen. The ultraviolet radiation is already notorious for causing damage to DNA and even resulting in DNA mutations. Such DNA damages can cause the cancer of the skin. Research has shown that more than 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are caused due to UV radiation.

Doesn’t Let Your Skin Age!

We talked sun rays increasing the ageing of skin; sunscreens are great, hence, because they have anti-ageing property. UV rays destroy the collagen of the skin, and render damage to the elastin, making fine lines and wrinkles appear. Ageing is about letting your skin get extremely dry and get wrinkled. A sunscreen with good moisturizing property would be godsend in the winters then, right? Because the only other thing we want, after sun protection, is protection from dryness during winters. Statistics have shown that people wearing a good sunscreen, even those above 39 years of age, get their skin aged 24% lesser than those who don’t.

They Protect You Indoors As Well!

If you think that the UV rays and therefore sunlight is the only villain that your sunscreen can save you from, then you’re wrong. Science has shown that even the low doses of infrared light emitted by lamps in the house, or even your computer or laptop screen can cause damage to your skin. A sunscreen protects you from such ambient light as well when you’re indoors at house, or in your office.

And so, wearing a sunscreen should be a habit you inculcate. You should be applying a one with a good SPF score each and every day, religiously. It is undoubtedly, one of the most low-maintenance ways to get yourself a beautiful skin!

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