Nail It Right! – Top 10 Nail Art Ideas for Small Nails.

Nail art is a hot trend today, in the world of fashion. Nails have the potential from revamping a plain Jane into a ‘hawt’ bombshell. But let’s admit it, there are but a very few options for styling short nails! Not all of us are blessed with long nails. [Did you know, that an average nail grows 1/10th of an inch each month? Thus, growing your nails could be a long wait!]

Whether you maintain short nails by choice or you’re just short of length in the nail department, you won’t need to fret anymore. And though nail art for small nails requires precision and dedication,we have here these top 10 classy designs for small nails that you can easily try out.

Occasions – Evening Party, Romantic Dinner, Awards or Formal Events

Colours – Bold colors, such as black, blue, reds, and silver.

Deck up your nails with shiny glitter nail paints! Available in various hues, glitter adds to your style and chic quotient. Your starry nails are perfect for an evening cocktail party or a super romantic candle light dinner. Further, glitter adds some volume and jazz, effectively diverting attention from your short nail length!

You can go for single tones. Silver is one of the most proffered choices as it can carry off any outfit with style.

Or you can experiment with double colours and gradients as well.

Occasions – The floral look goes best with your favourite summer gown, dressy affairs, or a super girlie slumber party!

Colours – For the base coat, go for the playful pinks, or pastel hues such as light brown, flesh orange and peach.

For first timers, you could use acrylic to get finer control with the fine lines and the strokes; use darker colours such as magenta red, dark blue, and black.

Decorate a simple pastel manicure with floral appliqués. You could paint looping stem, leaves, and autumn hued flowers. Your design does not necessarily need to cover the whole nail. It could be either on the tip or the base. You could use toothpicks, 0-size paint brushes, etc. for your intricate detailing.

Occasions – Polka dots are subtle enough for a day at work, casual dinners, and meetings

Colours – You could experiment with all the colours in your palette. The black and white combination is a classic.

You can now sport the retro look with ease. Take two colours for starters. Apply the base color, and let it settle. Once the base is dry, use a toothpick to paint the dots! You could also use a rounded end of a bent bobby pin. Remember, the smaller the dot, the better it gets!

Occasions – Works best for themed parities, outdoor occasions, concerts, discotheque etc …

Colours– Use bold colour pairs such as black and red, green and yellow etc. Glossy colours would add the much needed glam.

Incredibly fashionable and very chic, the Loofah lattice nail art should be on everyone’s wish list. The fabric that makes up a Loofah is the perfect stencil. First, paint your nail with a base colour. Place the Loofah net on your nails and paint through the gaps with another colour. Super easy, right?

Occasions – Chic parties, cafes and brunches! Keeping it casual and simple

Colours – Avoid high contrasting colours. Use colours from the same family such as warm hues

Give that French manicure a twist. The reverse manicure creates a deception of long nails. Add stripes to break the monotony, and to add a dash of fun!

Occasions – Dressy events, kitty parties, fancy dinner nights

Colours – Tones and shades could be of your choice. You could experiment with lavender, purple and black, or green, medium green and black.

It’s time to add some quirk and stand out in the crowd. These are fabulous eye-catching prints which make any small nails look gorgeous. For leopard prints, you will need three colours. For a traditional leopard print, try a beige base, a tawny golden feature colour, and a dark brown or black outline.

Occasions –Would work wonders at celebratory office parties, clubbing nights, weddings etc.

Colours – Hues could vary according to the mood of the event. Metallic silver rhinestone with a black nail polish base would be perfect for a bold night out!

Studs and rhinestones add an extra zing to your painted nails. They are small 3-D objects with a flat back that can be glued. In order to apply them without any hassle, apply the base coat first and then start working on one nail at a time, applying a clear polish.

Occasions – Beach parties, poolside brunches or for your everyday college wear!

Colours – Win brownie points with rainbow gradients, or sport the formal look with monochromes.

Gradients and shades bring out your peppy side. These bright coloured patters and shades never go out of vogue! You don’t need any accessories once you match the tones with your dress. Gradients are easy to apply and they don’t require artistic skills.

Occasions – Professional events, meetings and daily office wear .

Colours– Nude / skin tones.

Don’t have much time on your hand to experiment with nail paints? We suggest go the minimalistic way with nudes! Nudes are easy to pull off and they go along with almost everything. You can further decorate your nudes with tiny motifs.

Occasions – Family get-togethers, parties and festive evening celebrations

Colours – Black and white is generally the most popular in this category. You can also explore your creativity with various colours and combinations.

Tribal Aztec designs have been topping the trend charts for quite some while now. With eye-catching patters and wild colors, Aztec has a huge fan following. Take a handful of bright hues and geometric inspiration, and re-create the magic!

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