Makeup Application Tools and Importance

finalYou could be using the best foundation in the world, but without the right tools to put it on, it could still end up looking too cakey. There are many opinions on using a beauty blending sponge versus using makeup brushes or your fingers to apply foundation. Many people use their fingers to apply foundation for a sheer coverage. Using the fingers can create an illusion of even coverage, but up close the pores tend to look larger and covered, rather than smaller and sealed by the foundation.

Brushes give medium to full coverage which is perfect for daily use. When using a sponge, you are getting an even application that results in a flawless complexion. Sponges have the benefit of sheering out the foundation, which is always a plus to avoid cakey makeup.  As the foundation is the important step in makeup, you should always take care that it is blended properly and not looking awkward. The techniques like contouring, highlighting, eye makeup can be done perfectly with the brushes.

Brushes that aren’t regularly cleaned can harbor bacteria inside the bristles that can cause breakouts. Additionally, bristles that are too course can cause an uneven looking skin tone.  So it is important to choose brushes with soft bristles. Just as makeup brushes should be cleaned, it’s important to wash your sponges after each use. If still, you want to apply your makeup using fingers, then wash your hands properly before starting the process. Otherwise, the bacteria from your fingers stick to your face. Coming to the price, it is not required to spend a lot of money on brushes. If you are a beginner, go for a basic kit which has good reviews.

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