Your Own Li’l Guide to Pink Lip Color Shades!

The advertisements and bad marketing has been successfully putting in the wrong idea in our heads about skin tones, and about everything from clothes to lip colors that would look right with each complexion type. If they were to be believed at all, nothing would look bad on fair skinned people,and those with wheatish or darker skin tones could never get anything about style and makeup right!

When we talk of Pink, it’s never this one color – it’s always a ton of shades that you can choose from! And while it’s a total myth that pink looks good only on fair skin tone, the fact is your skin tone does decide the shade of pink that would look great on you.

Indian girls usually have a dusky skin tone, and this post is all about different shades of pink that would go well with Indian skin.

  • If you have a dark wheatish complexion, you could choose to go for beige or mauve pinks instead of paler shades of pink.
  • Pinks with a hint of blue or violet, or peachy pinks would look great of you have a fair to light wheatish skin tone. Even Magenta would be a great choice for such a complexion.
  • Girls with an olive skin – one that’s not too dusky – would have wine pinks, pinks with tints of brown, berry pinks, and such other deep pinks look great on them.
  • A darker olive skin tone can hardly make a mistake when it comes to choosing pink. Don’t choose warm red tones of pink; any other shades and tones you go for – you’ll do just fine!
  • For very dark skin tones, lighter shades of pink or nudes wouldn’t be too good an option. Rather, go for pinks with a purple base! That will look awesome.
  • Darker skin would also appreciate softer and brighter pinks – not lighter ones, though. You could try Barbie pinks, or opt for such similar tones get your lips painted with. Don’t wear lip gloss. Instead, matt shades should look great on you.

So, What Should You Do?

Style and fashion have always been about experimentation and comfort. And just like fashion, makeup application is also an artform that you cannot hope to get a 100% right in the first go itself. It’s practice that will make you perfect. Try various shades, see what you like and what you dislike, which shade makes you feel more comfortable in your skin, which shade goes perfectly well with the outfit you’re wearing and suits the occasion you’re wearing it for, and so on. The tips we just gave are a general way to go about choosing your lip color. But, whatever your skin tone, if you have a general idea, you can mix shades, or try newer ones, and choose for yourself the right lip shade.

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