How to Slow down Ageing Naturally

Ageing face changesAge is just a number. It is not only the amount of time but also the state of mind. Ageing is the natural process that our bodies go through as we get older. We cannot avoid this process, but we can definitely slow down the process by following some simple tips. Now a days most of the people are facing this issue because of “Stress”. This is the main reason for causing ageing. To avoid stress, fill your life with things you love and get rid of almost everything else. Practice stress relieving activities like meditation and exercise, and learn to appreciate joy when you find it.

Next comes sugar and smoking in the list. Sugar is the direct cause of ageing and significantly reduces the lifespan. Always stick to the minimal intake of sugar. Smoking is the one habit which make people look more older than they are. So avoid it completely. Enough sleep plays an important role in deciding one’s looks on a particular day. Everybody has their own ideal duration of sleep. So not a minute more or less than that!! Neck and hands ages fast than face. So don’t neglect them. Always moisturize them and apply good Sunscreen daily.

Coming to food, always have a healthy, homemade food and avoid junk food. Nuts are the perfect snack food and are filled with anti-aging fats, vitamins and minerals. They are also great for suppressing appetite. Green leafy vegetables, berries, fish are great in slowing the ageing process. Incorporate anti-oxidants into your diet like green tea, dark chocolate and cocoa. They will help in naturally cleansing the unnecessary toxins from the body.

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