How To Choose Right Foundation

Foundation is a must for the flawless looking skin. If perfectly applied, foundation can change the entire look of the person. But it has to be right shade. If the shade is not matching the skin tone, then it will become disastrous. So, it is very important to pick up the shade which best suits your skin tone and type. But the problem is, most of us don’t know how to pick the right shade according to the skin type.

Try shades in full day-light and don’t just depend on the lighting in the cosmetic stores. This will help in figuring out the perfect shade. Test the foundation by applying it on the cheeks and jaw line area to make sure of the shade. Skin type also plays a key role while choosing the right shade and texture of the foundation. For people with Normal skin, the choices may range variously from tinted moisturizers to mineralised bases. Just pick the one depending on the desired coverage and occasion. For Oily skin beauties, go for matte formulations for the flawless finish and avoid oil based foundations as your skin is already releasing excess of oil.

And also don’t forget to set the base with matching or transparent compact powder to look gorgeous all the day long. Dry skin people need extra moisture to the skin. Therefore it is advisable to go for rich moisturizing bases or foundations which give more moisture to the face while covering up all the flaws. A tinted moisturizer is best for light coverage and if you want heavy coverage, go for oil based or creamy foundations. Keep in mind the weather while going on with foundations. Tinted moisturizers are best for the winters while mousses or souffle’ are best for summers.

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