Highlights on your Skin

blog-9From black hues and smokey eyes to beautiful metallic eye shades, this year brings us the greatest and the most dramatic make up seen on the ramp!

The most “in” colors to pair with your everyday look is burgundy and pink shades. Pink is the new neutral.Pink adds a fresh take to a bare face.In 2017, “we’re taking it back to the most important step: achieving healthy, radiant, conditioned skin. No more strobing, baking, or contour. Let your skin breathe.Skin that’s fresh and glow paired with bold eyes or bold lips is recommended by famous fashionistas. Also, if you thought red tones had no place near your eyes, think again. Ta, a great fashionista from DIOR says that he has developed a love affair with this deep shade, particularly to coat lashes.

Tip of the blog: To keep your eyes shades from making you look tired, opt for a dark formula that shows its true hue only when it catches the light. Let’s dash a few colors here and there and see how it goes.

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