Here’s How You Apply Your Bronzer

You don’t makeup to change yourself; you apply it to look the best version of yourself. And how does makeup help you in that amazing endeavor? By making you highlight the facial features that you love about yourself. Bronzer is of course a very important part of any makeup kit.

If you select the right one, and apply it the right way, a bronzer can actually do magic! It can help you look more radiant and give a boost to your complexion by creating what we call a ‘faux sun-kissed glow’.

But too many people end up looking too orange, or getting a visibly fake glow on their faces, or just downright slick and dirty. Therefore, here are a few pointers that you should always keep close to your heart while applying your bronzer:

  • Bronzer must only be applied to the high points on the face, instead of dusting it all over. You want to apply only to those areas which get naturally armed by the Sun – your temple, cheekbones, and jawline. Otherwise your face will have more chances of looking a bit dirty rather than glowy.
  • Do not use your bronzer to contour your face, use a cool toned powder instead for that purpose. Because the whole point of contouring is to help you create shadows; a bronzer is used on the areas that get naturally sun-kissed! Using your bronzer to contour might make your makeup look a bit crude and thus ruin your entire look.
  • The trick to apply bronzer is to remember the 3-Rule. This magnificent rule says, you start applying your bronzer from the temple, move on to the cheekbones, and finally bring your brush to the jawline – all this, while making ‘3’on one side and a backwards ‘3’ on the other side. And then, just blend out.
  • If you have a fair skin with pink undertones, you might find your face tending to go all orang after you apply bronzer. That’s because the bronzer you’re choosing might be a too warm toned one. You could in turn look for a bronzer that has a little beige in it to keep your skin from looking too warm.
  • The reason we use a bronzer is to add a little warmth to our faces. It creates that radiant sun-kissed look that we all wish for! But if your bronzer is too dark in shade, it might end up giving you an overly tanned look instead. So, understand your skin tone, and get a bronzer just a couple of shades darker, at max. Any more than that, and your face will look too tan for the rest of your body.
  • While a bronzer with a shimmer seems like such a glamorous option during summers, it might just end up giving you a greasy look instead. Also, the tan on your face would look completely fake! Go for a matt bronzer instead. It would give you an elegant and classy radiance.

Also, a bronzer in itself might not work so well, unless you mix it up with an equally amazing blush, and an illuminator for the area above your cheekbones. This will help you create a look that sun-kissed, has a beautiful tint of a rosy glow, and you’ll even have a beautiful shimmer!

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