Getting Your Hair Colored? Here are Some Tips!

Hair colors have been one of the awesome inventions in the world of fashion! Want to add some flavor to the mundane lifestyle? Or looking for some adventure, but have none the time for it? Already tried revamping the wardrobe, and changing the hairstyles? No problem! Try changing your hair color!

With every color having numerous shades, you can say goodbye to the boring and enter this new world of beautiful hues! You can be new you!

So here are a few tips on how to choose the right color for your awesome hair.

Know Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone would be the best judge to select the perfect hair color shade for you. First things first – you should know the undertones of your skin. They could warm, or cool, or neutral. The easiest way to know that is to take a good look at your wrist. If the veins you see there are green, then you’re warm-toned. You have a cool undertone if your veins are blue in color. The other way is holding up a green or blue shirt, and a red or yellow shirt. Which one makes your skin look better? If it’s the first, yours is a cool undertone, or else it’s warm. If all the colors look great on your skin, then you are neutral toned.

Cool toned people look great with darker hair color; so go for dark purple, or strawberry blonde, or such colors that come off a bit harsh. Warmer skin toned people should go for more earthy shades. So, golden highlights, or a mocha brown global color could really bring out the best in their look.

How About Getting Lowlights!
So many people go for a global hair color, and many more prefer highlights. And while there’s no question that they’re awesome, you could try lowlights too. Instead of highlighting your hair, you could choose to dye the hair underneath the layers to give it a far more vibrant and rich look. Winter is coming, and you may want to say goodbye to the flamboyant sun-kissed hair and invite a fiery fall look in its place!

Lowlights are darker in shade, and that’s what makes lowlighting around the neck add a lot dimension to the hair. You could even buy some of those fashion earrings online, like a beautiful pair of studs to highlight those lowlights on your face! You can even have your hair dyed with say a lighter tone, but just to add some of that vibrancy to your look, you could go for darker shades of lowlights.

Go With The Season!
Just as we were talking about Winter, every season can bring a lot of inspiration while choosing a hair color. So during summers, you could sport a red hot or a rich brown or natural nude hair color, while the best way to spend you fall would be in a stale grey, or a ruby red, or an alchemic gold hair color.

For the final touch, get yourself the right outfits and jewellery online (because they don’t hurt your wallet to much!) to complete your look with the right hair color!

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