Bubble Mask, Facts & Myths

What’s trending currently in the beauty industry? What’s the current most searched product among all the skincare products? The answer is definitely “Bubble Mask”. We used to be very much passionate about bubbles as a child and even now, we are carrying the same fascination in the name of bubble mask. This masking technique has taken over the skincare regime and social media in the recent times. What are bubble masks? Is it overly hyped? Or it’s just a fun factor to attract people who always search for new things? Or does it really do some magic to our skin?

Bubble masks come as creams, clay and sheet mask forms, but the common thing is that they all end up with a lot of bubbles. After applying the mask to your face, they begin to gradually foam up with big puffy bubbles until you clean it up. They’re essentially deep cleansing face masks that aim to clear out your blackheads, reduce dirt, oil, and hydrate using a special oxygenation process. It looks like your any other ordinary mask but, as soon as you put it on, it starts foaming into a bubbly lather that turns your face into a cloud. There are many myths regarding this mask. Let’s check the facts behind it.

How do the bubbles appear? These masks are formulated in such a way that it reacts with the oxygen in the air. This creates the tiny bubbles, which in turn help the key ingredients of the mask to dive deep into the skin. In what way are these bubbles useful for the skin? They are useful in many ways. The bubbles will not only help to clean out your pores, but they will also help to wake up the skin and nourish it with powerful free-radical fighting ingredients. Many people also have a myth that this mask helps in giving the youthful skin to the user. But the fact is, it won’t. These oxygen bubbles are nothing but the benefit which helps the skin in many ways.

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