Apple Cider Vinegar: 8 Amazing Uses and Benefits

One of the healthiest and it seems fashionable as well, things to include today in our daily diet, is Apple Cider Vinegar. Who would have thought, a simple product made from crushed and aged apples could have so many benefits! Ranging from weight loss, to controlling blood pressure, to simple but really effective solution for digestive problems – ACV is one hell of a super food.

In here, we’ll try to know more about how you can better your life with ACV on your side.

Reduce Acidity and Heartburn

While we all know how acidity or heartburn is a result of too much acid in the stomach, it is also quite possible that you get the same symptoms if the stomach incidentally produces too little of the acid. Apple Cider Vinegar acts like your stomach would after you’d eat food; therefore, with just a spoonful, it provides a great way to take care of any acid reflux or heartburn, after any meal!

Relieves One of Sunburns

Not just to relieve you of heartburn, but ACV is a godsend if you ever get a sunburn as well. Many of us know the pain that sunburn brings with it. But, don’t worry. The next time it happens, you’ll be better prepared. Take 3/4th of a cup full of water, and fill the remaining part with ACV. Now, take a soft cloth and apply this mixture to the affected areas. You’ll instantly start feeling your skin cool off, and experience pain relief as well. You can even soak yourself in a bath that has warm water and a cupful of vinegar. That’ll help too.

Helps Your Body Fight Yeast

A lot of people suffer from a yeast overgrowth in their bodies. If you do too, Apple Cider Vinegar will provide the best solution. It is the enzymes as well as the acid present in the ACV that help fight yeast. Though, the first reaction after taking it for just a few days might be hard to bear. The reason is, the body initially is not able to remove toxins from the yeast, therefore sending the symptoms into an overdrive. It’s called Herxheimer reaction. If that happens to you, it will feel really uncomfortable, but rest assured – it will be a good sign. So just a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in water on an empty stomach, just before your meal, twice a day, should do the trick!

Fungus – No More!

Not just yeast, but Apple Cider Vinegar puts up a great fight against fungi as well, especially when it sometimes grows under the nails and skin. Normally, it is the big toe that gets affected by it. In such a case, one should soak their feet in warm water with a cupful of ACV in it. The idea is to directly apply the water and ACV mixture on the affected area, which can be done even if one pours it over the fungus-affected part. Even if it is skin instead of nail that’s infected, take water and ACV in a 75/25 mixture, pour it over the part that has fungus; it will burn, but just sit tight through it, as we can assure you, it will absolutely work. If it’s a child who has had their skin infected, or someone who has an extremely sensitive skin, they can further dilute the mixture before applying it.

Soothes the Pain Caused by Bug Bites

Talking of pain relief, one always looks for something to soothe the pain caused by a bug bite. With Apple Cider Vinegar, you won’t have to search for an answer anymore. Make a mixture of water and ACV in equal proportion, and pour it directly onto the bitten area, or apply it with the help of a soft cotton cloth; both ways, you’ll be relieved of the pain.

It Frees You of Dandruff

Apply a mixture of half ACV and half water directly to the scalp, leave it on for a couple of hours, and finally rinse it off. Continue doing this every 2 weeks or so, and you will not complain of dandruff again.

Keeps Your Blood Pressure Under Control

There have also been studies that have shown Apple Cider Vinegar to lower blood pressure, if taken regularly for several months. It is the acetic acid present in ACV that helps keep the pressure under control. Furthermore, nitric oxide is said to be a compound that relaxes the blood vessels, which in turn causes the blood pressure to be normal. ACV helps increase the production of this compound. It is also said that it inhibits enzymes in the body that might trigger the constriction of blood vessels, helping further with keeping the blood pressure within an acceptable range.

It makes For a Great toner!

If you mix water and Apple Cider Vinegar in an equal proportion, add just a little bit of your favourite essential oil to make it fragrant, and finally freeze it for a while – you will have made the best skin toner, ever. And, it would be a 100% organic product as well! You will not have to worry about acne. Plus, you won’t even have to stress out the smell – because one, you put the essential oil to get rid of that problem, and two, when this mixture dries up after being refrigerated, it completely loses the smell of the vinegar. To be yet more safe, you can have water be 3/4th of the mixture.

A Word of Caution, Though…
● We are talking about Apple Cider Vinegar here, specifically. You should in no way ever confuse it or intentionally replace it with any other kind of vinegar.
● Sensitive skin or not, whether it’s for a kid or not, never use Apple Cider Vinegar directly, irrespective of whether you’re applying it to an affected area or just ingesting it. Dilute it first and then use it.
● Needless to say, keep it away from your eyes; or they’ll burn really badly.

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