Activated Charcoal: 8 Tips and Life Hacks That You Should Live By!

Activated charcoal – something that we don’t give much thought to in our daily lives, is also something that we either use without realizing (at last through some of the products we buy), or we should use because of its amazing qualities.

Without further ado, let’s look at a few of many uses that you can find for activated charcoal in your everyday lives:

Helps Your Smile Shine a Li’l Brighter!

Whether it’s the coffee or the berries, or maybe it’s the wine; whatever it might be that’s left a somewhat indelible mark on your teeth, you can now get rid of it, using activated charcoal. Its plaque absorbing quality offers an amazing way to maintain the right pH balance in the mouth, and keeps bad breath and cavities far far away! Just dip your toothbrush into soe powdered activated charcoal, and brush your teeth as you normally do, paying a bit extra attention to the parts that appear more stained. Repeat this at least twice a week for best results. Take care of not spilling it over on your clothes, or the sink or counter; also if you have porcelain veneers or caps, you might be better without using it. Because, ironically enough, it will leave a stain there!

Indigestion Problems? You Can Eat Without a Worry Now!

The other way activated charcoal helps, is by alleviating bloating and flatulence. Taking no more than 500 mg of activated charcoal with a glass full of water, just an hour before a meal that usually causes gas or bloating, and following it with another glass of water, is an excellent way to take a beforehand precaution. The reason it works so well is because it can bind itself with gas-causing byproducts in food items before it creates any discomfort in the body.

No More Ugly Hangovers!

A pretty wild night with alcohol as your companion can leave you badly hungover the morning after. Now, one would think that activated charcoal probably helps clear the alcohol out of the system, but they’d be wrong. And it’s not such a bad thing either. While drinking, one rarely ever takes alcohol in its pure form.People always mixit up with other things. The mixers, surprisingly, play a major role in bringing on the bad hangovers. Activated charcoal does an amazing job of removing those mixers, the chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and other toxins from the body.

Make Yourself a Really Bad Looking, But Darn Good Smoothie!

We can’t disagree that activated charcoal is nowhere near the best looking thing in the market. Of course then, a smoothie made out of it would look no better than a glass full of tar. But, what do you know – it’s just about the best detox smoothie you’ll find! Whether you have a bad case of stomach ache, or you’re just feeling icky – this would prove to be a great help. Do not drink it on a daily basis, though.

Filters Your Water; Protects You From Toxins

We all must have seen the water filters at our home being cleaned once in a while; and what does one find trapping all the impurities inside? A blackish thing, isn’t it? Those of you who have wondered what it is, it’s activated charcoal. Its amazing absorbing quality helps in getting water rid of toxins, pesticides, any solvents or industrial waste, and other such toxins in an effective manner. So, start drinking 2.5 litres of activated charcoal-cleansed water every day, and keep all diseases away!

No Fear of Food Poisoning!

Taken with adequate amount of water, activated charcoal helps one get relieved of food poisoning as well. A dosage of not more than 25 grams for adults, and 10 grams for children as the first symptoms appear, and increasing the dosage as one deems necessary, is a great way to take care of nausea and diarrhea.

Regulates the Amount of Cholesterol in Body

Activated charcoal is said to be really effective in increasing the good cholesterol in the body, while lowering the bad one. It has been seen that taking about 3 doses, 8 grams each, after more than 2 hours of taking any prescribed drug, can considerably decrease the amount of LDL present in the body, while simultaneously give a boost to HDL.

Helps You Clean Yourself Better

Nothing cleans like activated charcoal does. And so, many of the high brand shampoos you find today, would have this as a main ingredient. But, instead of spending a lot of money on these products, you could make your very activated charcoal containing shampoo. It would be easy, inexpensive, and your hair will look way more impressive. After shampoo, there’s hair dye which could use activated charcoal to make it more effective, while also taking better care of your hair. Also, with its quality to draw out toxins and impurities, guess how good a face mask or soap would activated charcoal make? Our guess would be, an extremely good one!

In Conclusion…

There are a lot many uses of and hacks that you can find on activated charcoal. You know how earlier in the post we were talking about the way it looks – the fact is, the closest thing it resembles to, is kajal or kohl, right? So you can definitely make a perfect eyeliner and mascara out of it. Other than that, if you could have a salve made out of activated charcoal, you wouldn’t have to worry about mosquito bites and stings at all.

In all of these hacks and uses, the one thing to take care of is to go for organic activated charcoal. It’s the kind you would get from some specific wood species, or even coconut shells. Don’t go for ones that have contain a lot of chemicals, even if it is something as simple as an artificial sweetener.

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