7 Reasons to Store, And Not Throw Away Your Used Tea Bags

What do you do after you’ve had a nice cup of tea? Throw the tea bag away, we presume. But being true Indians, we know that the concept of recycling always begins at home. Whether it’s the once beautiful clothes now turned kitchen rags, or tea bags used to brew a cuppa now turned into a…

Well, why not take a look at how exactly you can re-use your used tea bags.

Brew Your Tea, a Little Extra Strong!

And of course, you can brew a stronger tea! If you love your tea stronger than most, you can lend the help of one of the te bags that you’d have already used before. On its own, it won’t be able to do much; but you could use it with a fresh tea bag to add a little extra flavor for the cuppa you’re brewing now. This works best if you’re a patron of green or red tea. White tea lovers, on the other hand, might find themselves a bit unimpressed buy this technique.

Tea Flavored Pasta, Anyone?

Did you know that you can make your favourite pasta even more delectable, just by adding a little tea-flavor to it? If you didn’t, there’s not time as good as the next time you make pasta for yourself. Just add a few of your used tea bags to a pot of water before bringing it to a boil. Next, take the tea bags out, add pasta to the pot, and follow your recipe hereafter. Try this method with green tea, if it’s pasta you’re cooking. You can follow this method with rice and oatmeal as well. A pro tip though – chamomile tea works best with rice, while your masala chai tea bags could do wonders to oatmeal.

Godsend For Your Garden

While your soul thanks you for a nicely brewed tea, your garden will thank you more if you use some of the already brewed tea for the plants in there. You just need to brew the brewed tea again; only this time not in a cup, but a bucket full of water. This weak tea will prove to be godsend for your plants, when you sprinkle the damp leaves around their bases. It will aid in keeping the harmful fungi, notorious rats, and all other garden pests away from our plants. Only thing to take care of would be, removing the staples, if any, from the tea bags.

Who Let The Mice Out? With Tea Bags in Use, It’s Definitely Not You!

If it can save your garden, of course it can save your house! Don’t let mice ruin your favourite dress, or your food grains away. Just like people tuck in naphthalene balls to get any bad odor off of the cupboards and wardrobes, use your used tea bags in a similar way. Anywhere you think household pests could create havoc, keep tea bags ready to fight them off. To make them work even more effectively, you could saturate the tea bas with peppermint essential oil. This will further scare the spiders and ants away. The added benefit? Your pantry, cupboard, closet, and so on – it will all smell fresh and fantastic!

Make Your Mornings Good, and The Rest of the Day Better!

How waking up to the first smell of tea in the morning makes you feel like you’re opening your eyes to one of the most beautiful mornings ever! Wouldn’t you want to feel the same feeling throughout the day, throughout your house? Already brewed tea bags can give help you with that. Store these in a cup of water that’s been kept in a fridge, so that they don’t get spoilt. Next, take them out when you want to use them. Say, it’s a carpet you need to clean; cut open the bags, take out all the tea, dry them till they’re a little damp but not completely wet.and just sprinkle it over the carpet till they don’t dry off completely. Don’t worry you can sweep them off later. But rest assured, your carpet will smell heavenly! Similarly, you can drop a few of those refrigerated tea bags at the bottom of your trash cans as well – just so that the bad odor gets a chance to neutralize before hitting other parts of the house. Or, you could mix the loose dried tea with cat litter, and believe us – you will be forever grateful to get rid of that awful odor.

Puts an End to Endless Scrubbing

The most deliciously cooked food in the kitchen leaves utensils with the most hard-to-remove grease. And then it takes double the cooking time to completely wash them off. Moreover, the harsh chemicals would rather spare the dirty utensils than our soft hands. It’s such a pleasure, therefore, to know that we can in fact put an end to the endless scrubbing. Just by soaking the dirty dishes in warm water containing one or two tea bags that have already been brewed, you will see how food stuck on them comes off really easily – without you having to break a sweat! Great, isn’t it!

The Perfect Gift for your Skin!

Do you have a sensitive skin? Does it get irritated quite easily? Do your eyes feel really tired after a long at work, sitting in front of your laptop screen? If so, you will love the soothing touch of a used tea bag to both relieve your eyes of the soreness and your skin of any inflammation. You can even get any wound to heal quickly, if you place a used tea bag against the bruised surface. Green tea, as it is, is quite known to have antibacterial qualities. The same qualities can be made use of when you have to draw out an infection, or give yourself some pain relief, with the help of a used tea bag.

Now, with all these and more uses of used tea bags, don’t overdo with the storage time; that is, do not store the tea bags, even in the refrigerator for too long. You might not see any mold growing on them, but if you smell them and they smell weird, it’s time to throw them away.

Out of all these great ideas, which one did you like the most?

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