5 Brilliant Health Benefits of the Beautiful Amaltas

Cassia fistula, that goes by the name Amaltas, is not only a very beautiful tree but also extremely beneficial to the human body. This tree, with medium sized leaves and bright yellow flowers, has been used for its medicinal properties since time immemorial. Here are some of the countless health benefits that this tree offers…

Treats Skin Disorders

The leaves of this beautiful plant can very effectively relieve a person of skin irritation, pain, and swelling. The paste of its leaves can even treat skin problems caused by ringworm, or inflammation caused in hands or feet due to severe cold. Even if you just rub the leaves of Amaltas on affected skin areas, that in itself could prove to be extremely effective.

Acts as an Immunity Booster

Amaltas is a tree of which even the bark and fruits have great importance. Loaded with amazing antioxidant properties, if one consumes the fruits and the bark extracts from this tree on a regular basis, their natural immunity is bound to get a boost.

Effective in Constipation

The pulp you get from this tree, which is also called cassia pulp, has been known to be an effective laxative. You only have to soak just 50 grams of this pulp in water, for the night, then strain it, and finally mix in about 25 grams of sugar before you consume it in the morning, in order to treat constipation.

Makes Common Cold Go Away

If you have a runny nose, burning the root of Amaltas, and inhaling the smoke can help you it. It stimulates nasal discharge, thereby relieving one of common cold.

Provides Speedy Recovery from Wounds

By promoting tissue regeneration, this herb as well as the juice that is extracted from its leaves is used to dress wounds, so that they can recover as fast as possible.

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