3 Top Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water a Day

Can I’ve ever overstate the importance of water? The answer is a definite no. One could probably go days or even weeks without a morsel of food, but even the thought of going without water for even a day or two can give us shivers!

So, how exactly is water so important?

Let’s have a look…

It Can Help You Lose Weight

Looking to shed some extra kilos? The easiest method is to drink lots and lots of water. So many studies have shown that water helps in increasing metabolism, which in turn helps increase the rate of fat burning in the body. Moreover, if you drink a glass of water 15 to 20 minutes before every meal, you will tend to feel full, and therefore eat less. Water is a great help to those who wish to reduce bloating as well. People who find themselves snacking a lot during the day should try drinking a glass of water instead, and see their snack cravings shoo away in a matter of minutes.

It Helps Your Body, Post Exercise

If you exercise regularly, you should know that any physical activity demands a lot of water intake. Athletes know that even a loss of fluid, as less as 2% can have a noticeable effect on their abilities. The reason is, when you exercise, you sweat, and so you lose fluids. You need to replenish the same, that is stay hydrated, by drinking plenty of water. In doing so, you’ll be making it easier for your body to perform at its best. Now, there is no dearth if sports drinks in all conceivable brands and with ingredients as varied as fake sugar, artificial colors, sodium, and so on available in the market. These, while of great help, do sometimes have negative effects on the body too. And therefore, there’s nothing as safe and satisfying, as pure and simple water. And also, it’s free of cost!

It can Help Your Brain Function Properly

We know that our bodies are composed of 70% water. Our brain too is made mostly of water. And this one organ highly sensitive to dehydration. Even 1 to 3% dehydration, which is considered mild, can adversely affect memory, and make a person feel highly anxious. And as we saw earlier, loss of fluids during exercising can have a negative impact, it particularly can induce severe headaches, or even migraines in some cases. Therefore, to help your brain keep functioning at its best, keep drinking plenty of water, throughout the day!

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