3 Simple Ways to Add More Fiber To Your Daily Diet

Fiber is one of the most important things your body gets from the food you eat. For one, it can help you with not losing your weight, but also maintaining that weight afterwards. Two, it greatly helps with the digestion process of the body. Three, it can have an amazing effect on your high cholesterol levels, reducing your risk of high sugar or heart disease.

While these are only a few of the many advantages of fiber inclusion in diet, most people seem to be blissfully unaware of its importance, and hence fail to take in even the minimum required amount fiber every day. Therefore, we have here 3 Simple and effective ways in which you can add more fiber to your diet…

Eat Fruits and Vegetables as Whole, and Not as Juices

So many health and fitness gurus have since a long time proposed all the good that comes from consuming fruit juices everyday. Then came the trend to have cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, because they keep most of the nutrients intact. While this is definitely a great way to incorporate especially a lot of vegetables into your daily diet, the fibre in those fruits and veggies is inevitably lost when you have them in juice-form. That is why, it is now being recommended by everyone alike, that eating fruits and vegetables in their whole form does an amazing job of introducing fibre to your food.

Have Your Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and Cucumbers with their Skin or Peel

We all know this one, but we still fail to follow it most of the times. Fruits and veggies,when peeled, lose half of their fibre content then and there. So, for example, a small apple has just about 4 grams worth of fibre, but when you peel it off, you’re able to consume only 2 grams of it. The peels of vegetables and fruits, like sweet potatoes and apples, contain the much needed roughage which helps the body in effectively digesting food and thus preventing constipation.

Have Fiber-Rich Foods at Every Meal

Lastly, don’t make just one meal of the day about having fibre, and rather spread your intake over all the meals,and that should include your snack as well. You could start your day with a healthy and delicious bowl of oatmeal, and even add some seeds and berries for the extra fibre and extra taste.You could have raw vegetables or fruits, but with bean dip or nut butter, respectively, for your high-fiber snack. For lunch, try to have a salad on the side, everyday. You could then, for dinner, add vegetables like beans to stew or casserole, and have end your day on a light but fibre-rich meal.

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