3 Refreshing Ideas to Put on a Minimal Makeup Look This Summer

Summers in India are either too hot, or they’re too hot and humid. There’s just absolutely no escape! With Sun being a constant companion, we understand how difficult it is to carry makeup. And the last thing you need is a melting eyeliner, or a clay foundation!

While no makeup isn’t too much fun, we would suggest go for a minimal makeup look. We even have our three top ideas to share with you!

Read on…

Brown Tone Makeup

You can simply dazzle your way through this summer by going for a brown base makeup. Contour your cheekbones, forehead and nose brown, while using a brown eyeliner and not a complete, yet thick eye shadow. And ta-da! You will have yourself an angelic look with dusky eyes, and preferably lavender lips to complete the look extraordinaire!

Chic Maroon Lips

How about keeping your eyes and cheeks nude, while painting your lips with an exquisite shade of maroon! Utterly pleasing to the eyes, the look will make your lips appear more plump, supple, and stunning!

A Subtle Blush and a Kiss

The easiest way to go minimalistic this summer would be applying a bit of blush and doing your lips. That’s it. And leave the rest of the face nude! You can choose orange, peach, or any other subtle variations of pink to give yourself a lovely and refreshing look.

So these were our top three most classy and feminine makeup looks for the summer. They sure are minimalist, but they’ll give you a ravishing look, nonetheless. The only thing you need to add to these, is your ever beautiful smile!

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