Style Tips on Wearing Your Gold Accessories

Gold is known to be amongst the most precious of all metals and revered hence by both men and women alike, since its very discovery. Today, there’s rarely a woman who doesn’t have gold earrings or a beautiful golden necklace in her possession. Whether it’s subtle studs, or lively hoops, or something more ornate, there’s no way a pair of gold earrings don’t add elegance and shimmer to just about any style.

The Right Colours to Wear with Gold

The epitome of glamour as this metal already is, to make sure the sheen and sparkle of gold earrings make the right impact, it’s always safe to wear them with neutrals. If it’s an evening event, you can go for something in stark white or all black, like the classic little black dress, and have statement gold earrings, danglers or pearl drop ones, up the magic in no time at all.

There are also jewel tone colours or even darker shades such as emerald green, deep purples or blues, burgundy, and so on that can help your gold metal foil earrings, balis, or a statement gold necklace stand out the crowd.

The Best Times for Gold Accessories

Because the brilliance of yellow gold is hard to tone down, and of course you shouldn’t want to as well, it’s better to wear your gold accessories when the occasion demands a fair bit of luxury. It’s the absolute best choice when you have no choice but to be dressed to the nines for an event.

Another interesting feature about this metal is being romantic and warn in its feel. Maybe it’s the unmatchable sparkle, but there’s something about gold that says romance, true love, chivalry…

Probably that’s why there’s rarely a choice better than gold if you’re going for your anniversary dinner, or perhaps even a first date.

Final Word…

Whatever colour you might choose to go with your gold accessories, or where you choose to wear them, one thing is for sure – there’s hardly a match for yellow gold when it comes to warmth, versatility, and class.

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